Environment Week commences

time See Bulletin for daily events

  • Monday 07/09: Head outside for a walk and clean up any rubbish in your local area. 
    • This is something you can continue to do every day this week. Let’s see who can collect the most!
  • Tuesday 08/09: Water those plants! 
    • You are challenged to take the most creative photo of yourself watering either indoor or outdoor plants at home. 
  • Wednesday 09/09: Let’s get vegan/vegetarian cooking! 
    • Today you are challenged to cook a Vegan or Vegetarian meal. This could mean breakfast, lunch or dinner. Share your recipes with others. 
  • Thursday 10/09: Grow some succulents. 
    • Did you know that you can grow new succulents using only the leaves of others? Thursdays Bulletin will feature a tutorial on how to propagate Succulents.
  • Friday 11/09: Start a veggie garden. 
    • Send us a photo of your new veggie garden, this could be a small indoor herb garden using old jars, or a new plot outside ready for spring. 

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