Houses of Star

Where it all began

The House System at Star dates back to the late 1930s when Principal, Mother Angela Johnston, formed and named the first two Houses: Nagle (blue) and Stella (red).

In 1948, Principal, Sister Leonard Gartlan, extended the number of Houses to four. She named these Houses Fay (green) and Ave (yellow).

The four Houses - Ave, Fay, Nagle and Stella – have been integral to the life of the College, each has developing its own identity over the years.

The tradition continues

All students enrolled at the College will have an understanding of their House and its spirit.  

As a valued and active member of a specific House, students develop a sense of belonging to the school community and an appreciation for the history of Star; this sense of belonging is fostered by ensuring that families belong to the same House across generations.


The history of each House offers an insight into the values and the spirit on which Star’s foundations were laid. 

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