Our Values


Founded in 1883 by the Presentation Sisters, Star of the Sea College is a Catholic school for young women. We remain faithful to the spirit of the Presentation Sisters who are called to encounter God in the heart of the world. We seek to continue the mission of Jesus in the spirit of Nano Nagle.


Facta Non Verba ~ Deeds Not Words 
The College motto reminds us that words are not enough in themselves. We need to be "doers of the Word", proclaiming the Good News with courage and conviction. 


Star of the Sea College educates young women spiritually, academically, physically and creatively in a compassionate Catholic context. In keeping with our desire to promote the dignity and potential of each community member, the safety and wellbeing of our students is paramount across all aspects of the school environs.  We strive to empower young women to engage in critical reflection leading to positive action for our world.


  • fostering faith
  • teaching and learning with passion and excellence
  • nurturing compassion and community
  • being energised by change
  • striving for justice
  • celebrating the Presentation mission
  • developing independence, initiative and leadership


Star of the Sea College adheres to and promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy:
  • We believe in an accountable, democratically elected government
  • We respect and observe the rule of law, and believe that no person is above the law
  • We believe in equal rights for all before the law, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or other attributes
  • We believe not only in the freedom of religion, but also the need to practice tolerance and understanding of others' beliefs
  • We believe in the value of freedom of speech and freedom of association, but also acknowledge that we have the responsibility not to abuse this freedom
  • We believe in the values of openness and tolerance, and value and respect all members of the school community regardless of background.
We strive to ensure that our students develop:
  • An understanding of, and commitment to, Australia's democratic system of government, law and civic life
  • The knowledge, skills and values to act as informed and responsible citizens
  • An appreciation of the experiences and heritage of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples and their influence on Australian civic identity and society
  • An appreciation of Australia as a multicultural society and a commitment to supporting intercultural understandings
  • An understanding of the ways in which governance structures from other countries are similar to, or differ from, democracy in Australia.