Principal’s Message


Welcome to Star of the Sea College

Star of the Sea College prides itself on living out our school motto “Deeds not words”. The 2021 theme, Embrace Wonder, Inspire Change complements this motto.

Throughout its 138 year history, the College has been a staunch supporter of justice initiatives, involving students through social interaction with those who are living on the margins of our society. They are encouraged to become involved in community events and activities in an effort to broaden this outreach. Embedded in this outreach is the belief that we are continuing in the footsteps of our founder, Nano Nagle, whose love of the poor came from her deep connection to the Gospels. Nano’s whole ministry was focussed on the poor. For Nano, the poor were not just the materially poor, but also the sick, lonely and aged whom she visited and looked after.

A contemporary education must cover all aspects of the curriculum but the focus needs to be firmly set in the intangible skills of empathy, collaboration, cooperation and critical thinking. Armed with these skills, and an excellent academic focus, we strive to prepare young women to achieve their potential and be change agents for a better world. The opportunities afforded by life experiences outside their regular environment make this a lived reality.

Mary O’Connor