Pastoral Care

Star is a community in which respect for self and others is fundamental.

Only in a community where each member respects the rights of others to learn, to teach, to play, and to feel secure and happy can real growth, maturity and freedom occur.

We ask that all students follow the College's Healthy, Safe and Respectful School Community Policy which states that students respect the dignity and rights of each member of the Star community by

• contributing to a community where all students and staff have the right to feel safe and secure 

• abiding by the College Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy

• accepting responsibility for personal actions and decisions 

• extending courtesy and respect to all 

• doing one's best to learn in all tasks 

• respecting the right of the teacher to teach and the rights of others to learn 

• promoting the good reputation of the College 

• keeping the school clean and safe 

• respecting personal and others' property.

Students are required to behave at all times and to all people with politeness, respect, courtesy and consideration.

Students are expected to arrive at 8.20am to access their lockers in preparation for the 8.30am commencement of classes and to remain on the College property at all times during the school day.