The Heritage Project

Posted 19-Nov-2020

Reimagining our Heritage Building
Following a four year consultation and planning process, we are excited to confirm that we are ready to proceed with the first stage of the College Master Plan, The Heritage Project.  The refurbishment of the Heritage Building is the cornerstone for reimagining learning spaces for our students and College community.  The Heritage Project will commence on 7 December, 2020 and will be completed in 12 months.  The Heritage Project has been budgeted for over time with prudent financial planning to ensure there are no additional costs to our current Families.
The Heritage Project will honour the essence of the Convent building and the legacy of the Presentation Sisters. Currently occupied by over a dozen classrooms and over 70 staff, the building requires refurbishment to suit the needs of our contemporary pedagogy and curriculum. The Heritage Victoria approved restoration will enhance the educational functionality of the original Convent and feature a portico connecting the East/West axis of the campus. Contemporary learning and social spaces, including landscape development will create an holistic environment that will enhance student learning, wellbeing and amenities.
In keeping with our Presentation tradition and Kildare Ministries values, the Master Plan will maximise the opportunity for a faith filled education through the creation of learning spaces and places for prayer and reflection.  We thank all parents for their support of the Heritage Project and look forward to welcoming you to the official opening and blessing at the completion of the project.

Artistic Render   

View The Heritage Project render for an artistic impression of the planned renovations:  CLICK HERE 

Heritage Project Building Dates

The Heritage Project will commence 7 December, 2020 and is expected to be completed in 12 months.

Planning our future  

The Heritage Project is the result of four years of planning and community consultation and the College is well positioned to commence the project at this time: 

  • Well managed College finances
  • Fees will not rise to fund the project
  • Planning permission obtained  
  • Heritage Victoria consultation
  • Architect and builders selected

Community Support  

The Heritage Project provides the College with the opportunity to support many businesses affected by COVID-19.  The project requires the work of Architects, Builders, Trades, design and various other suppliers and we are pleased to be able to provide employment to these workers during this difficult time.

College Tours  

We thank our community for their support of The Heritage Project and look forward to welcoming you at the official opening and blessing in Semester 1, 2022. 

Open Communication 

Star of the Sea College has communicated with all members of our College Community about The Heritage Project.  We will provide regular updates until the completion of the project.  We have also established a project email to provide you with a way to communicate with our College about the project.   

The Heritage Project email:

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