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2023 College Tour series – thank you to all who toured during this lengthy series.

For the 360deg Panoramic Photo Tour: click here to view

For all future onsite tours, please email

College tours cater for specific groups:

  1. A tour series designed for prospective Year 7 students and their families: Covering the areas of the College campus that a Year 7 student would access. Priority parish schools are notified of this tour schedule. A booking link is posted on our website each cycle.
  2. Individual, by appointment, post-interview tours for students seeking entry from Year 8 to Year 12: the College Registrar will contact these families directly.
  3. Occasional by-invitation-only tours relating to special events: the College Registrar will email you an invitation should this opportunity arise.

NOTE: Tours are not available during examination cycles.

How To Enrol

Enrolments can be made via the online portal or by contacting Elaine Tebbutt, our College Registrar and Community Engagement Officer […]


Panoramic Photo Tour

Tour Star of the Sea College with our virtual panoramic photo tour. Click ‘Play’ to hear from our Principal Ms. Mary O’Connor and learn about our programs and learning spaces […]