Library Resources Centre


Our resources are an ecosystem of collections encompassing a diverse range of content, information and carefully aligned knowledge for key learning areas. They include:

Our Print Collection 

Fiction books: A collection that reflects the interests of our students, including current and popular fiction as well as a selection of stable favourites. This collection is consistently updated with both input from students and the expertise of staff and key industry sources.

Non-fiction books: Curated to support specific topics of learning in a range of key areas. This collection is classified according to these key learning areas of study to optimise accessibility and connection for purpose.

The library regularly has visits from authors to talk about their work.

Our Digital Collection

Ebooks and audiobooks are delivered via the Wheeler’s ePlatform and include the shared collection and a specifically tailored private collection chosen according to demand and interest.

ClickView is our video and media library. It is curated for learning purpose and provides a strong backbone for delivery of key content both from the ClickView library collection and specifically created resources by our staff. 

Databases are made from collections of content that support student learning across all learning areas. They include:

  • Britannica School
  • ProQuest ANZ Newsstream
  • PressReader International Collection
  • Echo Newspaper Index
  • The Age digital edition

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