Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups form an integral part of student wellbeing at Star. 

Pastoral care is a high priority and is the immediate responsibility of the Mentor who is the first point of contact for parents.

In Years 7 - 9, Mentor Groups are year-level based and are under the care of their mentor for the duration of the year. The year-level Pastoral Leaders head up teams of mentors at each year level.

In Years 10 -12, Mentor Groups are arranged vertically, with 6 - 8 students from each year level combined to form a House Mentor Group. The Mentor Group remains constant and has the same mentor for 3 years. Each house consists of 6 Mentor Groups. The House is managed by the House Pastoral Leader who is responsible for the overall development of each student’s sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Pastoral care classes are held regularly within Mentor Groups. Students complete units on topics from bullying, cyber bullying, healthy relationships, alcohol use and abuse, future-learning goals and team building, study techniques, and the impact of violence and drug education. As well as completing these units within their Mentor Groups, students participate in year-level pastoral activities specifically targeted to their age group and specific needs.

The year-level and House Pastoral Leaders, in conjunction with mentors, oversee pastoral care of the students. Dimensions of pastoral care include

  • pastoral care programs
  • appropriate behaviour of students
  • the correct wearing of uniform
  • late arrivals and absenteeism of students
  • student progress
  • student subject selection and transition
  • student promotion
  • conducting meetings and organising house activities with the House Leaders and Mentor Group representatives
Their duties involve arranging interviews with parents when necessary, facilitating house/year level information evenings, house assemblies and pastoral care programs.

Year level and house pastoral leaders work with mentors and subject teachers to maintain an environment and atmosphere that promotes the growth of each student. Supporting students in need and liaising with parents are primary foci. 

The pastoral program at Star evolves in response to contemporary issues as they arise in our community, and in our society at large. Supplementary activities are also provided in addition to the core program. We endeavour to keep the program dynamic, relevant and accessible so that our students are well-informed and equipped to make responsible choices about their wellbeing.