Year 7 Transition Program

We recognise that the move from primary to secondary school can be a big change for each student and their family. 

All of our Year 7 students are involved in the comprehensive Transition Program that provides a firm foundation for secondary education.  

Specially-tailored programs begin well before a student arrives at Star: 

  • All students undertake a literacy and numeracy test as a part of Transition
    • this data, together with information from your daughter's primary school, assists us in forming our homeroom groups so that the learning potential for all students is maximised
    • parents receive a copy of the testing report
  • An information evening is held for parents each cycle (students do not attend this event)
  • Students attend Orientation late in Term 4 of their Grade 6 primary school year.
  • ALL dates are subject to change each year and parents are notified, via email, once they are confirmed  
  • Each family is asked to provide their daughter's NAPLAN when the Enrolment Agreement is sent through after the acceptance of offer.

Your daughter's Mentor plays a critical role in the transition from primary to secondary school, is accessible on a daily basis, and is the first person to go to with any questions about life at Star.