Sport Signups

Star Sport Signups

Students will be sent an email including a link to a Sport Signup page where they can select the sports they want to trial. This will be sent out in the middle of the term prior to the term the sport takes place.

All students should be aware of the cut-off dates for Sport Signups. To ensure they do not miss out on their preferred sport, students should regularly check SIMON for any updates regarding their preferred sport.

All training sessions and games take place outside regular school hours, so students should consider potential clashes with out-of-school sport and work commitments. At Star of the Sea College, we have a ‘no show, no go’ policy. That means if students do not show up to training without informing their coach with a reasonable amount of time then they do not play that week.

In Terms 1 and 4, hats must always be worn while participating in sport. Students without a hat may receive a uniform infringement.


Students can participate in either Tennis or Softball. Year 7s are not able to trial for either of these sports as they already have a busy term with Music Fest and Year 7 Camp. All students can also be involved in Swimming, Diving and Triathlon.

The Secondary Catholic Sports Association (SCSA) also runs one-day competitions, with Term 1 being the Triathlon.


Students can participate in Netball, Hockey or Football (Years 7 and 8 only). Years 9–12 can enjoy Football as well as their usual GSV sport. Students also have the opportunity to be involved in Cross Country and AeroSchools Aerobics (Terms 2 and 3).

The SCSA’s one-day competitions for Term 2 include Badminton (for students in Years 9–12) and Cross Country (all ages).


Soccer, Volleyball or Badminton are available to students in Years 7 and 8 only, while others can get involved in Athletics, AeroSchools Aerobics (Terms 2 and 3) and Gymnastics.

The SCSA’s Term 3 competitions include Netball (for Years 7 and 8) and Aerobics.


For the final term of the year, students can play either Basketball or Cricket. Please note that Years 11 and 12 are only able to participate in Cricket for Term 4.

To find out more about Star Sport fixtures, Girls Sport Victoria (GSV) policies and rules, and any other general information, visit the GSV website. 


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