Learning Diversity

We strive to develop the potential in all students and ensure their future success by catering to a wide range of student needs, abilities and interests. Our whole-school focus is based upon a systematic approach to planning curriculum and instruction for diverse learners. Learning-diversity staff work alongside classroom teachers with their joint endeavour being to provide the best teaching and learning practice for all students.

The learning-diversity team:

  • Provides in-class support for children with special needs
  • Provides small-class and small-group support
  • Assesses students who may be at risk in literacy and numeracy
  • Collaborates with teachers on developing personalised
    learning plans (or individual education plans, IEPs) for students
    with special needs
  • Provides resources and teaching-strategy support for classroom
    teachers of students with special needs and/or learning difficulties
  • Provides or organises professional assessment of current
    and prospective students with special needs and/or learning difficulties
  • Case-manages students with special needs, including regular parent
    conferences and meetings with relevant teaching staff and external agencies
  • Assists in whole-school literacy planning, focusing on at-risk students 
  • Provides pastoral-care support for students with special needs
    and students at educational risk where necessary
  • Implements best teaching and learning practices that reflect an inclusive
    model of education across faculties. This means students with disability
    can be supported by reasonable adjustments tailored to meet their
    individual needs
  • Shares information with teaching staff to support their understanding
    of specific learning difficulties and how to cater for students with
    diverse learning needs.

Star of the Sea College’s Learning Diversity Policy encourages the development of an inclusive culture in which every student’s needs and aspirations are catered for.

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