Star Library

We live in a world where learning is central to the knowledge economy. The Library at Star centres itself in the learning experiences and journeys of our students. We are the library in the life of the user. Our connections and our stories are the mosaic of every student’s discoveries, connections, collaborations and creations in their learning lives. It is both our passion and our privilege to share this journey with them.


Our school Library is staffed by those who love to learn themselves, and each person brings a unique mix to our community. They include the following skill sets and knowledge base: teacher librarians, information-resource specialists, librarians, cataloguers, literacy and literature specialists, researchers and digital-literacy specialists, media, and digital content creators and providers. We bring together this rich knowledge within the values and guiding principles of the Presentation sisters and Kildare Ministries.


Star Library, officially the Sister Josepha Dunlop Library (named after a former College principal), was opened in 1989. In more recent years, this beautiful space has undergone restructuring to best utilise and optimise a flexible and dynamic learning space. This includes some refurbishment with spaces structurally changed, and new furniture to best support pedagogical practice. It is a warm and welcoming environment that reflects the dynamic nature of learning – both formally in structured learning situations, and informally in co-curricular activities such as Loud in the Library (aka Makerspace), book and writing clubs, and special events with guest speakers. 

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Library Curriculum

The reading life of each Star student is a focus and priority at the College. We ensure the development and practice of good reading habits by delivering a program that […]


Library Resources Centre

Resources Our resources are an ecosystem of collections encompassing a diverse range of content, information and carefully aligned knowledge for key learning areas. They include: Our Print Collection  Fiction books: […]