Academic Enrichment

Years 7 to 9 students are invited to participate in Extension English and Mathematics offerings. Accelerated VCE studies can be undertaken by students in Year 11. In addition, an extensive range of English, Mathematics, Humanities, Languages, Arts and Science extension programs are facilitated by the College throughout Years 7 to 12. 

Students at Star of the Sea College are encouraged to participate in a range of enrichment programs such as Debating, The McWhirter Conference, The Star Writers’ Collective, World Scholars Cup, Write a Book in a Day, Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars and Monash Scholars.


Star of the Sea College boasts a stellar reputation as a safe and welcoming school community – one that nurtures its students to become articulate, confident […]


Star Library

We live in a world where learning is central to the knowledge economy. The Library at Star centres itself in the learning experiences and journeys of our students. We are […]