Counselling Services

Star of the Sea College has two qualified school counsellors available to students on-site. Counsellors provide support for a range of issues including academic, social, emotional, health and family-based issues. School counsellors maintain close contact with the Principal, Deputy Principal – Students, Pastoral Leaders, Learning Diversity Coordinator and Mentor teachers to ensure the best quality of care is provided.

Short- and medium-term counselling may be offered during the student’s enrolment depending on the nature of the issue. The length and type of counselling offered to a student will be based upon the counsellor’s discretion, caseload and overall demands on the counselling team.

Counsellors can provide support to students through individual or group-based sessions. Consultation and support are provided to parents and teachers when necessary.

Our Counsellors

Amanda Dawson 

Amanda is a registered psychologist with a Bachelor of Social Science and a 6 year sequence culminating in a Master of Psychology with an endorsement in counselling psychology. She has worked with adolescents and families in a youth work and mental-health capacity for over 15 years. Amanda has previously worked in local government youth services, youth homelessness and community clinical services. 

Julianne Williams 

Julianne is a registered counsellor with a Masters Degree in Counselling and a Masters Degree in Education. She is a Member of the College of Clinical Counsellors and is an accredited counselling supervisor. She began her journey as a teacher working in various Catholic schools before making the transition to counselling over 15 years ago. Julianne has worked as a counsellor in the area of family violence, and as a school counsellor supporting students and families.

Referral Process

Students can self-refer directly to the counsellors by emailing or

Alternatively, students can fill out a referral form available in the counselling services area. Parents can also refer students for support by contacting the school office and requesting to be put through to counselling services.

Student participation in counselling is voluntary, and every student has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to receive care that is non-discriminatory and non-judgemental, and to have their confidentiality maintained and protected within the limits of the profession. Counsellors may breach a student’s confidentiality where there is a risk of harm to the student or due to legal obligations.      

External referrals may be suggested by a counsellor depending on the needs of the student. Information about services in the local area can be found by clicking on the External Support tab.
Note: Counsellors are available Monday–Friday from 8.15 am–4.00 pm during the school term.

External Support

Child Youth Mental Health Services – Alfred

The Alfred provides a range of free mental-health outpatient services for infants, children and adolescents under the age of 18 who are experiencing emotional, psychological or psychiatric problems. Families are involved in the treatment process. (Ph: 8552 0555).

Headspace – National Youth Mental Health Foundation

Headspace provides early-intervention counselling for young people (aged 12–25) and their families. Their counselling services require the student to receive a ‘Mental Health Care Plan’ from their doctor to enable Headspace to claim the service through Medicare. Online support can also be obtained by clicking on the eheadspace component at the Headspace website. Headspace centres located closest to Star of the Sea are Elsternwick (Ph: 9076 7500) and Bentleigh (Ph: 9076 9400). 


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