Kildare Ministries

Since 2014, Star of the Sea College has operated under the governance of Kildare Ministries.

Kildare Ministries’ Mission

Kildare Ministries is a governance body in the Church. Kildare Ministries’ mission is inspired by the life and ministry of Jesus, and draws from the founding grace of the original traditions of the Brigidine and Presentation Sisters as envisioned by the founders St. Brigid, Nano Nagle and Bishop Daniel Delany. In its daily expression of faith and mission, Kildare Ministries honours the inherited traditions of the founding congregations, and in responding to the changing needs of our world, re-ignites a contemporary expression of Christian spirituality.

Kildare Ministries’ Inspiration

The Vision and Mission of Kildare Ministries are inspired by the transformative message of the Gospels. The Kildare Ministries Living Justice, Living Peace Charter encourages us to learn with wonder, lead with courage and live with compassion.

The values of wonder, courage, hospitality, hope, compassion and justice guide us in our efforts to create an inclusive society where all people are valued and all creation is recognised as sacred.

Kildare Ministries comprises of thirteen ministries: ten schools and three community works in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. 

Please visit the Kildare Ministries website for more information.

Kildare Ministries Trustees

The Co-Chairs of the Trustees are Rosemary Copeland and Kathy McEvoy. The other trustees are Anne Astin, Audrey Brown, Elizabeth Maguire and Michael Kearney.


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