Master Plan

Heritage Building Refurbishment

Completed in June 2022, the Heritage Building refurbishment honours the essence of the Convent and our Presentation Sisters. The refurbishment has enhanced the beauty of the original Convent, with a portico now connecting the east and west sides of the campus. Contemporary learning and social spaces, including landscape development, has created an environment that enhances student wellbeing, resources and facilities, resulting in desirable educational outcomes. The completion of the 18-month project concludes the first stage of the College’s Master Plan.

Our vision was to celebrate the College history through design, to model lifelong learning, encourage collaboration and to enhance campus circulation. The innovative learning spaces facilitate the relationship between teaching, learning and enhanced curricula, and accommodate flexible pedagogy. Circulation has been significantly enhanced by the portico, enabling east to west circulation and universal access.

The College history has been referenced through the retention of key original building elements, and the celebration of significant people and places. The inspired design has enhanced an already beautiful building, providing exceptional collaborative and instructional spaces, whilst honouring the architectural integrity of the existing building.
Principal Ms Mary O’Connor
Heritage Building Refurbishment:

December 2020 – June 2022
Builder: McCorkell Constructions
Architect: McGlashan Everist
Star of the Sea College – Heritage Wing was shortlisted in the Australian Institute of Architects – 2023 National Architecture Awards Program – Educational Architecture Heritage

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