Years 7-8

At Star of the Sea College, we are always looking to improve, innovate and build on our reputation for excellence. This desire to provide an education that reflects our vision and understanding of contemporary learning led to the refurbishment of the East Wing and the development of contemporary learning spaces.

Years 7 and 8 students are in the Trasna building, an Irish word meaning ‘the crossing place’. Across their formative years, there will be many instances when students may be both excited and challenged by the transitional nature of adolescent life. Trasna gives students and their teachers greater choice in how they optimise learning technologies, spaces (both real and virtual) and interact with each other in their quest for deep understanding.

Examples of teaching and learning opportunities in Trasna include:

  • Collaborative spaces that can be joined or separated into a variety of learning group sizes
  • Formal and informal presentation spaces
  • ‘maker space’ – self-directed learning spaces where students can create, invent and learn
  • State-of-the-art interactive projectors with Apple TV wireless routing for high-tech presentations and collaborations
  • Wireless capability for our 1:1 laptop program
  • A variety of learning interactions, from individual to small and large group work, with every space a possible learning area designed for comfort and accessibility
  • Visual transparency for quick monitoring and assistance to maximise and model learning
  • Co-location of teachers and students in the area for pastoral support
  • Opportunities to explore the problem-solving and collaborative elements of project-based learning

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