How To Enrol

Applications are invited for all year levels and can be taken from birth

  • there is a non-refundable Application Fee of $100


Contact Elaine Tebbutt, College Registrar and Community Engagement Officer

T: (03) 9595 9595 

Year 7 Applications

Year 7 2024 & Year 7 2025 Applications

Early Applications

The deadline for Year 7 applications is in Grade 5.

Year 7 Enrolment Criteria

All applications are accepted up to the closing date for applications; the date of application is not a determining factor in an offer of a place

Applications are then prioritised on the following basis and in the following order:

  • Sisters of children attending the College
  • Daughters of Past Students
  • Daughters of Catholic families
  • Daughters of other Christian denominations
  • Daughters from other religious traditions

In the event that the numbers of applications from Catholic families exceed the number of available places, then priority is given to Catholic students who are enrolled in local parish schools.

Year 7 Enrolment Overview

  • Applications received
  • Portal closure
  • Offer
    • offer acceptance
  • Grade 6 transition program
  • Commencement

Years 8–12 Enrolment Overview

  • Email to apply 
  • Application to enrol completed & returned
  • Interview
    • the interview is not a guarantee of offer
  • Offer
    • offer acceptance
  • Orientation
  • Commencement

Waiting Lists

  • Contact the College Registrar to be placed on a waiting list
    • Families must keep their contact details up to date
    • Waiting lists are perennial, with reviews
      • families must contact the College Registrar if they wish to remain on the waiting list each year
    • Should a place become available, an interview is arranged
      • the interview is not a guarantee of offer

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