Uniform Requirements

It is important that students wear our uniform correctly and with a sense of pride.  Students are required to wear full school uniform (seasonal summer or winter) to and from school.

  • The College jumper cannot be worn as the outer garment
  • Students are expected to ensure their uniforms are neat, clean and worn correctly
  • All articles of clothing should be clearly named
  • Students chosen for school sport teams such as Netball will be required to wear team uniforms 
  • Sport uniforms may be worn to and from school on the days the student has a PE class, Practical Human Movement class or GSV Sport after school

The Star of the Sea College uniform is worn with pride by our students and reflects our values and school culture.  

Uniform Suppliers

Our uniform suppliers are Bob Stewart in Bentleigh and Nicholls Interiors in Gardenvale. Bob Stewart stocks both our College (summer and winter) and sport uniforms, while Nicholls supplies our College (summer and winter) uniform.  

Bob Stewart, Bentleigh

Bob Stewart is located at 466 Centre Road, Bentleigh. Go to:https://www.bobstewart.com.au/school/star-of-the-sea-college

Store Opening Hours

Monday–Friday: 8.30 am to 5.00 pm; Saturdays: 9.30 am to 12.30 pm


Phone: (03) 9036 7384
Email: bentleigh@bobstewart.com.au 

Nicholls Interiors, Gardenvale

Nicholls Interiors is located at 159 Martin Street, Brighton (next to Gardenvale Railway Station). Uniforms can also be purchased online: nichollsschoolwear.com.au/collections/star-of-the-sea

Store Opening Hours 

Monday–Friday: 9.00am to 5.30pm; Saturdays: 9.00am to 4.00pm


Phone: (03) 9596 2335
Email: sales@nichollsfc.com.au 

Second-hand Uniforms

We are pleased to provide a Facebook group where you can buy, sell and swap Star of the Sea College uniform and textbooks with the Star Community.

If you have any second-hand uniform enquiries, please call the College on (03) 9595 9595.

Blazer Pockets

New blazer pockets are available at Nicholls and Bob Stewart. All blazers made prior to the new College crest (introduced in 2013) require replacement blazer pockets. Stores can organise or advise you about where to get the blazer pocket attached.  

Updated College Crest

  • Only uniforms with the current College crest (introduced in 2013) will be sold from uniform suppliers 
  • The old crest is no longer allowed on outer uniform such as the College blazer (there was a five-year changeover period from 2013–2018)   
  • To avoid confusion, please note the current crest on this website and on signage around the College


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