Write a Book in a Day 2023

Last week, Star of the Sea College’s Writers’ Collective, participated in the national, Write a Book in a Day, competition. We had a record of five teams featuring students from Years 7 to 12 who competed against other secondary school students across Victoria and Australia.

The challenge of the competition is to plan and write a narrative (between 4,000-50,00 words in length) based on some testing and previously unseen parameters. Our Year 7 and 8 team, for example, had to create a story involving a doctor, fortune teller, beetle, camping ground and haunting. To add to the challenge, they had to embed the words: ruby, melts, shiver, tasty and sponge. The finished work then needs to be proofread, edited and illustrated (including a back and front cover) all in the space of 12 hours!

This is an enormously challenging task that requires creativity, problem-solving and teamwork. Amid all the hard work and challenges, there is much laughter, joy and deep satisfaction when each book is published. Write a Book in a Day is definitely one of the highlights in the Star Writers’ Collective calendar. 

Thank you to Chris Pearson for coordinating this wonderful endeavour and the teachers who gave up their time to assist with the proofreading and editing phase. 

The five outstanding results are featured below. Click on the image to enjoy the complete book.

Write a Book in a Day is a The Kids’ Cancer Project initiative. It concludes on the 30 September with awards and prizes announced in November.